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Mindfuck – an erotic hypnosis recording!

This MINDFUCK hypnosis goes deep into your subconsciousness. In this erotic BDSM hypno session Lady Tara will fuck your mind! And once she’s am done with it, there will be nothing left but pure and extreme arousal. She will install a trigger word. Once you hear it from her lips, it will arouse you so much, that you will not able to think straight anymore. This arousal will become your fetish. Your personal mindfuck! Once you hear this word, you will only have one wish: to jerk off as quick as possible. Are you sure you want to be mindfucked?



Lady Tara will fuck your mind! A fuck you will never forget. In this erotic hypnosis, you will learn the true meaning of the word “MINDFUCK“! Once she is done with you, there will be nothing left, but your aroused and horny mind!

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41:26 Minuten für nur 35,00 inkl. MwSt
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MINDFUCK – “True Soul Fucking!” – ENGLISH VERSION!

Find out what it means to really get your mind and soul fucked!
No compromises – this is porn for your head!

A real and true mindfuck.

After this erotic hypnosis MP3, you will react to one special trigger word. Once you hear this word from Lady Tara or a dominant woman, you will react immediately. And there ist only one reaction possible: pure arousal.

When you hear the word, you will become so horny that you will be completely unable to think. Your mind will get fucked and there is no turning back!

The best part is: You can give this word to anyone you like – your partner, your wife, your mistress!

This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Strengthens your devotion
  • Rapeplay with your mind
  • Intallation of a trigger word that will lead to extreme arousal
  • You will feel your own personal most arousing sex-phantasy
  • You will orgasm after listening

You can give the trigger to any woman you like. So if you should already have a mistress – just tell her the word and become even more of a slave to her!


ACHTUNG: Die deutsche Version von MINDFUCK findest du unter dem folgenden Link:

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