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Tease and Denial – Caught in your lust!

This MP3 will make you so horny… you won’t be able to think clearly anymore. You will do almost anything, just to cum for me. But the answer is simply: “No!” You must not cum! The harder you try to cum, the less it will work. Don´t say you haven´t been warned!

Tease and Denial – ENGLISH VERSION


Tease & Denial – you can´t cum! – You like the thought of being driven to the edge of lust and passion? You want to be teased, but then denied to cum? To be as close as possible to an orgasm – without the chance of release?

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Teased & Denied!

In my erotic Hypnosis „Tease and Denial“ I will entangle you in my tender web of words. Then I will make you so horny…  you will beg to cum! But: I will say NO!

Some women are like spiders; Once they lured you in their soft and tender net, there is no turning back! In this erotic hypnosis-MP3, I will entangle you in my web. Once I have you there, you will be wrapped into a cocoon of lust and passion.

I will tease you so much, you will beg for your release. But your orgasm will be denied until the next morning. After listening to this MP3, you will not be able to cum, until you had a long eight-hour sleep. That means, if your hornyness lets you sleep.

Do you dare to try?

This erotic hypnosis mp3 contains the following suggestions:

  • You are lured into my spiderweb
  • Strong teasing
  • A real Mindfuck!
  • After listening, you will be completely unable to have an orgasm until you had a long eight-hour sleep
  • Extreme urge and need to cum
  • The more you try to cum, the less it will work

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